Construction and commissioning

"Rashev & Co." offers all services related to the construction of photovoltaic power plants.

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What are the stages in the construction of a photovoltaic plant?

Our experts carry out a comprehensive site analysis and then prepare the site for the next stage of solar park construction.

Where necessary, our teams clear and level the site, provide access to the entire area and construct any necessary access roads.

We perform a tamp test to determine the ideal substrate for the solar park. In order to properly position the tamping point, we use GPS and state-of-the-art laser range finders to measure the terrain.

During the cabling phase, we do all the excavation work and lay the appropriate cable ducts.

After installing the necessary metal or aluminum structure, a suitable substructure is built for optimal positioning and support of the solar modules.

The next stage of the plant construction is the installation of the PV modules: the modules are inserted into the frames, fixed and then connected to the cable system.

When wiring the AC/DC power supply, we perform all the electrical installation work of the PV solar park, including wiring, connection, and installation and configuration of the inverters.


The company has the latest generation of equipment and construction machinery, as well as fully trained staff with proven experience in the construction and maintenance of solar photovoltaic power plants.

Предлаганите от фирмата услуги са съобразени с индивидуалните желания и нужди на всеки един наш клиент, както и със спазването на всички стандарти за качество, безопасност на труд и опазване на околната среда. Фирмата притежава и следните ИСО стандарти – 9001, 14001 и 45001, както и удостоверения от Камара на строителите в България от първа, трета и пета група. „РАШЕВ И КО“ ЕООД извършва дейност както на територията на България, така и в чужбина.



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