Rashev & CO attaches great importance to social responsibility and sustainable development. In this context, the sponsorships provided by the company to various athletes, municipalities and cultural activities are implemented to promote community and initiatives that help to balance business objectives and positive impact on society.

In supporting sporting events and athletes, the company emphasizes the importance of healthy living, team spirit and the pursuit of ultimate success. Sport not only promotes physical activity but also brings the community together by creating emotional bonds and inclusivity.

Sponsorship of communities and cultural initiatives expresses Rashev & Co‘s commitment to strengthening local communities and cultural diversity. Through this support, the company creates favourable conditions for educational and cultural growth, providing the public with the opportunity to enrich their experience.

In addition, the company creates partnerships and establishes lasting ties with the participants in each initiative, fostering relationships and cooperation between different areas of society. Rashev & Co’s sponsorship activities not only highlight its corporate responsibility, but also serve as an example of integrating business into the community to create a sustainable and thriving environment.