Design and construction of photovoltaic plants

"Rashev & Co." offers all services related to the construction of photovoltaic power plants.

About us

Company History

"RASHEV & CO." is a private company, led by professionals with proven experience in the complete construction of solar photovoltaic power plants. Our goal is to be among the leading international companies in the field of photovoltaic systems construction, striving to provide the necessary quality for each project. The company has highly qualified specialists with the necessary skills and experience to design, build and maintain photovoltaic power plants. We offer comprehensive and innovative solutions tailored to each client's individual needs.

Our projects and activities

"RASHEV & CO." offers a full range of construction services for large-scale photovoltaic projects. From site preparation and organization, excavation and civil engineering, mechanical construction and structural assembly to electrical installation and wiring of the solar modules, site management and construction logistics. On request, we can undertake the full execution of all planning, construction and installation services up to the handover of the site. To ensure the highest quality of services and products, the company works with established and proven suppliers in the market.



We offer a full range of construction services and complete equipment, including metal and aluminum construction, string and central inverters, solar panels, control panels, wiring, grounding and lightning protection, etc.


We will suggest the right photovoltaic plant for your needs, estimate when and how to build it and prepare all the necessary documents related to the whole procedure.


Design is a fundamental part of the process of building and commissioning a PV power plant. Trust the experience and expertise of our specialists to design a complete project for your power plant.


Delivery of
all equipment

The company works with established and proven suppliers. Our experts carry out the necessary selection and organization of all components, including photovoltaic panels, construction, inverters, control panels, cables and protective equipment.

Construction and commissioning

Our experts perform a thorough site analysis, clear and level the site, provide access to the entire area and construct all necessary access roads as well as the wiring and installation of the PV modules.


Administrative procedures

Our experts will provide you with maximum assistance throughout the entire process of issuing the necessary permits and preparing the accompanying documents for the respective type of photovoltaic power plant.


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Photovoltaic systems, plants and installations

   Autonomous power plants
  Rooftop power plants
  Facade installations
   Ground power plants

PV Perpignan 8500 kWp

Location: Perpignan, France

Power output: 8500 kWp

Year: 2023

Activity: Earthworks, Installation of structure, Installation of photovoltaic panels, Electrical installation

Why choose us

The company has the latest generation of equipment and construction machinery, as well as fully trained staff with proven experience in the construction and maintenance of solar photovoltaic power plants. The services offered by the company are tailored to the individual wishes and needs of each client, as well as to comply with all quality, occupational safety and environmental standards. The company also holds the following ISO standards - 9001, 14001 and 45001. "RASHEV & CO." operates both in Bulgaria and abroad.


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