Design and construction of photovoltaic plants

"Rashev & Co." offers all services related to the construction of photovoltaic power plants.


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We will suggest the right photovoltaic plant for your needs, estimate when and how to build it and prepare all the necessary documents related to the whole procedure.


Design is a fundamental part of the process of building and commissioning a PV power plant. Trust the experience and expertise of our specialists to design a complete project for your power plant.


Delivery of
all equipment

The company works with established and proven suppliers. Our experts carry out the necessary selection and organization of all components, including photovoltaic panels, construction, inverters, control panels, cables and protective equipment.

Construction and commissioning

Our experts perform a thorough site analysis, clear and level the site, provide access to the entire area and construct all necessary access roads as well as the wiring and installation of the PV modules.


Administrative procedures

Our experts will provide you with maximum assistance throughout the entire process of issuing the necessary permits and preparing the accompanying documents for the respective type of photovoltaic power plant.



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